About Us


Meet the founders of the Kapanicas Group, with over 20 years of personally buying, selling, and investing in properties as entrepreneurs. The real estate industry was a perfect fit for Mick and Melissa Kapanicas.

As a former owner and executive of Superpumper, Inc., Mick understands the housing and investment aspects of seasoned professionals as well as those just starting out.  As people climb the corporate ladder or start a business of their own, their needs change. Mick has developed real estate relationships with customers at all levels and focuses on their current and future lifestyle plans.

Family life is especially close to Mick and Melissa’s heart as they and their four children have personally experienced the changing real estate priorities and living space requirements over the years. From golf, music, travel, and church activities, to starting preschool and sending them off to college, the Kapanicas Group is well equipped to work with clients experiencing up and downsizing brought about by these life changes.

Mick incorporates his personal investment experience, professional commercial negotiations, and expertise of the valley’s housing market into every transaction. This ensures that buyers and sellers are able to make informed decisions throughout the process. The underlying thread that keeps Mick and Melissa and their team on track is constant communication. They believe that “people can have an exceptional experience [buying and selling] if they know what’s happening and have timely information throughout the transaction.”

Mick and Melissa come from a family of successful entrepreneurs, creating a foundation for Kapanicas Group that offers clients a relationship that is focused, enthusiastic, and built on service.